Friday, July 31, 2009

i am so tired, so exhausted
from living my life that it's literally making me sick.
i have no appetite whatsover,
and when i do eat i just throw it up.
i can't sleep anymore,
and when i do sleep i don't drift into sleep until almost 6am, and usually get only 2-3 hrs of rest.
why would all of this happen to me?
i do believe that your actions are the cause behind your consequence,
and obviously all that has happened to me is my fault,
but why?
why can't i just once, just ONCE
hear the words 'i love you' roll off of someones tongue,
and believe it,
and know that they mean it?
why can't i walk down the street, and feel proud of myself,
willing to let people look upon me,
instead of staying inside as much as possible?
why can't i just like myself?
why do i have to be so paranoid?
why can't someone save me?
why.. why..
why can't i fall in love?

why can't it all just go away?

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