Monday, July 13, 2009

my place of comfort.

do i really have one?
i listen to people all the time,
talking about how they love to curl up in their favorite chair,
under an open window and read a book.
(a mug of coffee next to them, of course.)
i'm not sure what i do for comfort.
i suppose i should find something?
lately i have been listening to a great deal of
classical music.
a break from my usual,
wailing guitar music.

i also, need to pick up drawing again.
maybe one day i will share artwork.
but, i miss my realm.
getting lost in thought,
my sketchbook as the map and my pencil as the flashlight.
i bought a wooden mannequin today, hopefully he'll help motivate me to draw.
i really do hope so.
i haven't drawn anything in weeks.
and i actually had talent.

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